Python Recovered From Hatey Bazare Express In Sealdah


Kolkata: A team of Government Railway Police (GRP) at Seldah station was at their wits end when they found an Indian rock python in the 13164 Hatey Bazare Express that runs from Saharsa in Bihar to Sealdah every day.

Today morning around 7 am, the train had arrived at Sealdah’s platform number 7. After all the passengers de-boarded, a GRP team embarked on routine search of the train’s coaches. As they were searching through a general coach of the train, the GRP personnel were alerted by a hiss hiss sound from under a seat. The sound was originating from a plastic sack usually used to carry rice.

On untying the sack, the GRP personnel were taken aback when an Indian rick python came out hissing. Around eight feet long, the python was very much active although it had some injuries on its skin due to being packed in the sack.

Following this, the GRP sent out a word to the wildlife wing of the state forest department at Salt Lake. Foresters arrived after over an hour and took away the python. It has now been sheltered at the animal rescue centre at Salt Lake and the foresters have plans to release it in the wild on recuperation.

Railway and GRP authorities suspect that the python was being carried in the train from Bihar-Jharkhand by some wildlife trafficker. But finding the security very tight at Sealdah, the python was left abandoned in the train.

They authorities, however, are not sure where exactly the python was being taken and an investigation has been started to find out those details.