Purulia Child Abuse: Kolkata24x7 First Published Accused Sanatan’s Picture


Purulia: Purulia’s three and half years old sexual victim has been brought to Kolkata SSKM hospital from Purulia sub division hospital on Saturday.

The health condition of the child is constantly getting worse, so a special team of doctors and nurses from Purulia sub-division hospital have shifted the child to SSKM hospital Kolkata , she was broght in an ambulance.

State Health Minister Chandrima Bhattacharya said that state government will bear all expenses of the child’s treatment.

Meanwhile, police on Saturday has collects the picture of accused Sanatan Thakur. Which was first published by Kolkata24x7-web portal. The police assured that the accused will be arrested as soon as possible.

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Last Tuesday, a three-and-a-half year old girl was admitted to Purulia sub-division hospital. She was rushed to the hospital my her own mother after she complained of sudden illnes. The doctors at the hospital were shocked to see the child while treating her. Doctors were shocked to see some fresh scars and scratches in the child’s chest and some marks of bites, nail scratches. The child was bleeding from her ears and private parts. At a glance, the doctors understood that the child has been sexually abused.

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After several examination of the child’s health doctors and everyone were shocked to see the reports that revealed the plight of the three and half years old sexual victim which she has gone through.

Yesterday, an X-ray report disclosed that the child’s genital was pierced by several needles. Which has given the doctors of the Purulia sub –division hospital a spine-chilling experience.

As per report after interacting with the journalists a sensational revelation thus came out in the investigation, After the woman(child’s mother) was abandoned by her husband she took shelter at Sanatan Thakur’s home. The woman admitted that since then she was raped by Santan day after day, she also explained Sanatan even didn’t spared her three and half years old daughter.

Even the innocent infant also became the victim of sexual assault in the hands of brutal Sanatan. Sanatan has tortured her daughter brutally ,he has broken several bones of the child’s body and also has mercilessly pierced needles in her genital and other body parts. With the assuarance of police Kolkata24x7 has first published accused Sanatan Thakur’s picture.

Reported By: Manab Guha

Edited By: Mousumi Dash