Punjab Minister Says Alcohol Is Not An Intoxicant


Chandigarh: Punjab health Minister Surjit Kumar Jyani said at a alcohol de-addiction inauguration that ‘alchohol shoudnt be considered as an intoxicant’ today at Punjab, said sources. As weird it may sound, according to Punjab health minister Surjit Kumar Jyani ‘sharab’ (booze)should not be considered an intoxicant. “I don’t think ‘sharab’ (booze) is an intoxicant. You cannot call alcohol an intoxicant. It is (consumed) there in the army, parties. The government gives licences for manufacturing liquor, we auction liquor vends. As long as it is done, sharab cannot be called ‘nasha’ (intoxicant),” Jyani said.

Ironically he said this after inaugurating a de-addiction centre in the state. Punjab has been battling the problem of alcohol addiction for long. The average liquor consumption in Punjab is 50 ml per week per person.