Punjab Election: 6 Lakh People To Vote For The First Time


Chandigarh: Out of a total of 1.98 crore voters in Punjab, there will be six lakh youngsters who will be casting their vote for the first ever time on Saturday in Assembly election 2017.

Young voters in the state believe drugs besides unemployment are a hot button issue in this year’s election.

Youngsters want a transparent and responsible government that can tackle problems like drug addiction , unemployment and corruption.

Sanya Singh, 21, who is a law student told India Today, “My experience as a first timer assembly voter was grate. The young generation is more concerned about their future. Two major issues which concern Punjab’s youth are drugs and unemployment. We want a responsible government which not only promises a solution to these problems but also put the state back on the track,”

More than 30 lakh voters in Punjab fall within the age group of 18 to 35 years. More young voters are expected to cast votes this time as the political parties had launched extensive youth outreach programmes.