Puja Bumper: State Announces Incentive For Contractual Workers


Kolkata: Good news for temporary contractual workers of West Bengal goverment before Durga Puja. The state Panchayet department has increased incentives for festivals which will be on effect from current seasons.

সুখবর! উৎসব উপলক্ষে দেওয়া উৎসাহ ভাতা ঘোষণা করল সরকার

Hundred days worker and Prime minister rural road developments workers and many more who are engaged on rural works, got the facility.

The state Panchayet department published a notice on this regard where they stated that Department hiked the incentive from 3600 to 3800 for state contractual workers.

According to sources, many temporary staffs are appointed in rural developments works. But they are not included in this scheme. They get their wages from the earnings of the scheme.
Sources also added that, this facility will be given to those who earned below 28 thousands monthly.