Puja After 200 Years @Jagat Mukherjee Park


Kolkata: Arjun, a young detective, created by renowned writer Samresh Majumdar makes us to feel those days ahead in coming two centuries with a ride through time machine. The young detective felt that his present time was much better than the future.

দুশো বছর পরের পুজো কেমন হবে কলকাতায়? দেখুন সেই Vedio

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The Durga Puja Pandels in Kolkata are incomparable. The Puja in Kolkata has been followed across the world with vivid enthusiasm.

And, now this time, another heavyweight Pujo Committee of Kolkata is gearing up for presenting a surprise to the kolkatans to make happen once again. The Theme is ‘Puja after 200 years’ — the future about which we have a meager idea.

After Down Bangaon Local and Live Submarine, Jagat Mukherjee Park Sovabazar is all set to give one more memorable experience in this festival. The organizers are leaving no stone unturned to make it a grand success story.

Last year, the puja committee had used modern technology. The visitors were able to reach the submarine by foot. This time pandal hoppers will step into a world of strange. Already Pujo Committee has inaugurated the teaser of Puja After 200 Years.

Artist Subhan Pal said that, ‘the spectators will be able to see year 2228. People will able to witness how the world will look like after 200 years. So, hold your breath and come to Jagat Mukherjee Park for further excitement.

This Puja ‘Padmaavat’ Is In Fashion

Scientists hope that, ‘people can start living in Mars by 2050-2100. but again, according to the scientists, the amount of Carbon Di Oxide is also increasing day by day, which will increase the temperature and lot of unknown diseases will spread in the air.

“The inhabitants of the world has created the technology. But our mother Durga has created the universe. We will worship the mother for good and healthy future days,” said Jagat Mukherjee Park Pujo Committee Secretary Dwipayan Das. ” The spectators in the pandal can see the change in Durga Puja after 200 years.” he added.

Reported By- Subhas Baidya

Edited By- Piku Mukherjee