Udayan Das Confesses Murdering Akanksha Sharma In Bhopal


Kolkata: Udayan Das, the psychopath killer who killed his parents in Raipur and live-in-partner Akanksha Sharma in Bhopal, has reportedly admitted to his crime to Bankura Police during interrogation.

Udayan killed Akanksha in Bhopal after she tried to return to Kolkata on July 15 last year.

According to police sources, Udayan, revealed during the interrogation that Akanksha had bought tickets for Kolkata, planning return her native place in Bankura.

He got furious when he learnt that Akanksha had decided to leave him. Hence, he had slipped sleeping pills in her dinner so there is no resistance when he kills her.

He also told the interrogators that though he has murdered Akanksha, he loved her very much.
It is learnt that Udayan told the police officials to sentence him to death for committing such heinous crime. He also admitted that he planned to kill Akanksha’s entire family.

The sources also added that Udayan then drank alcohol and strangled her.

The accused is reportedly said to have withdrawn Rs 50 lakhs from parent’s accounts which he used to travel abroad.

A team of Raipur police is likely to arrive in Bankura on February 15 to interrogate Udayan on his parents’ murder and seek remand in court.