‘Psycho’ Again, Now at Chandannagar


Chinsurah: The horrible Robinson Street case which jolted Kolkata, again got enacted at Chandannagar in Hooghly district. Prabir Paul, who made it to the headlines last month after he kept his dead brothers body in his home like Partha Dey of Robinson Street, was found dead under mysterious condition in his home on Friday.

As per reports, the locals of Beshuhara area noticed foul smell coming from Paul’s house and informed police. After breaking into the home cops found the rotten body of Paul.

An investigation has been launched to ascertain the cause of the death.

Earlier a mentally ill man named Partha Dey had kept the dead body of his sister Debjani Dey hidden in his Robinson Street home in Kolkata for several months. The mater came to the open after their father Aurobindo commited suicide and police searched the house.