Protesting Tamil Nadu Farmers Drink Urine


Chennai: Grabbing eyeballs with their novel way of protest, Tamil Nadu farmers on Saturday drank urine in another desperate bid to draw the government’s attention towards their plight.

Over the last 39 days, they have shaved half of their moustache and head, kept mice and snakes in their mouth, conducted mock funerals, flogged themselves and carried skulls of other farmers, who had committed suicide due to debt pressure.

শহর দখলে সাইবার যুদ্ধে কাঁপছে কলকাতা

They have been demanding a loan waiver, a revised drought relief package and better support prices for their produce.

P Ayyakkannu, who is leading the protest, said: “The Union government is not giving us water. So we are consuming urine.”

The protesters had yesterday said they would drink urine if the Centre failed to offer a solution to their problems within a day.  On April 10, they had stripped in front of the prime minister’s office here to press for their demands.