Protest Rally To Ban Liquor In WB

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Kolkata: Protest Rally To ban Liquor at West Bengal carried out by Welfare Party Of India on Wednesday at Kolkata’s Park Circus Seven Points till Abgari Department. School Students, housewives participated in the protest with posters and brooms in their hands. Their slogan shouted “ we don’t want liquor we want milk. Liquor free west Bengal”.

According to welfare party member, sujauddin said, “a majority of people in south 24 Parganas earns living by farming, fishing and daily jobs. The earning is very less in amount and out of that half goes into liquor. As availability of license for liquor shops has been made easy, there is a huge rise in the number of liquor shops as well. There are a few villages where men don’t work, drink liquor and beat women”.

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According to him, “our main aim is to create awareness. The government should think about it. As the Bihar government has taken a remarkable step, we also have to do that. If  there is no ban on providing license to liquor shops, Bengal youths cant be saved from this deadly addiction.”