Protest Rally In Support Of Balochistan & PoK In Jammu


Jammu: Shiv Sena and Dogra Front on Tuesday took out a “pro-Balochistan and pro-Pakistan Occupied Kashmir” (PoK) rally in Jammu to express support to the people of both the regions in “their fight and struggle” for “independence from Pakistan”.

“People of countries who live in glass houses should not pelt stones on others. In Balochistan, the Baluch organizations brought down the Pakistan flag and waved the Baluchistan flag, demanding freedom of Baluchistan from Pakistan against its highhandedness, inhumane behavior, human rights violations and no development since independence” President, Local Shiv Sena unit, Ashok Gupta said.

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“The region of POK is a high casualty area for the civilians as the people of POK have no rights and when they demand it they are beaten and killed by the Pakistani Army,” he said.

“On the day of the Pakistani Independence, the people of Balochistan raised slogans against the Pakistan demanding independence from the terror haven Pakistan,” Gupta said.

He said ISI was “supporting” and “financing” people in Jammu and Kashmir to project Hizbul Mujahideen militant Burhan Wani as a “martyr”.