Protest Around Noapara CPM Candidate


Barrackpore: Allegedly, the ruling party workers have stopped the oppositions from entering the booth at Noapara by-election on Monday. Recently CPM candidate Gargi Chatterjee caught in brawl at Noapara.

Gargi said that when she staged protest against TMC’s ‘Dadagiri’ then some Trinamool workers caught in brawl with her. The process of interrupting the voting process was repeatedly since the morning. The allegations were raised against the opponents.

For this reason, CPM candidate Gargi visited the booth and after casting her vote, she look into whole situation. Gargi said that their agents were being expelled from the booth.

Several scattered incidents have been taking place from Sunday midnight. A group of bikers took a ride throughout the area, tried to create terror among people just before the vote. Left brigade allegedly said, the ruling party members have vandalized the house of CPM member’s house.