Innovative Project To Produce Organic Fertilizer From Waste


Bankura: The administration took an initiative to make the area garbage-free. Organic fertilizers have been started by collecting and processing of long-held garbage in Bankura’s Raipur area. As a result the area will get rid of stalked garbage. On the other hand, farmers of the area get access to high quality organic fertilizers at low cost sitting at home.

With the help of Raipur block administration and local Gram Panchayat, a few months ago, production of organic fertilizer from garbage has been started at the Buridhara Mauja. Special ‘pit’ has been made to produce fertilizer. Where organic manure is being created by worms keeping the collected rubbish.

বাঁকুড়া: আবর্জনা থেকে জৈব সার তৈরির পরিকল্পনা

According to the information administration sources, the project of making of production passage in Buridhora Mouza of Raipur started in the financial year of 2016-17. About six and a half lakh rupees are spent on this project. Currently a supervisor and two employees are involved in this work. The primary work of this project will start after the returns of trainees from Kalyani.

Project supervisor Shanti Gopal Mahapatra said that the garbage collection vehicle is reaching at different points of the area at certain times. After collecting garbage from there, the decomposable substances are being collected separately to a specific ‘pit’. After one to one and a half months, organic fertilizers are being produced in a certain way with the help of worm.

A block administration official said that the area of Raipur block area will soon be identified as pollution-free area due to the use of organic fertilizer production method from garbage.
Local residents said that long-standing garbage pollution was spreading in the Gobinda Prasad Singh bridge block area on the bank of the road on Bankura-Jhargram-9 state road. If the waste is removed from this place for this project, then the most widespread populated area will be free of pollution.

The environment will be avoided from the past and from pollution every day, thousands of ordinary people who come to work in Raipur market.