Project handover to NTPC rumour: DVC Chairman


Kolkata: The news of the transfer the Raghunathpur Power project to Nationalised Organisation NTPC has been washed away DVC Chairman Andrew W K Langstieh. A few days back, the Chairman of NTPC had said that they are soon going to take over the 1st unit of Raghunathpur power plant. The statement was washed away by the Chairman of DVC when the journalists asked about the move in a press conference on Friday. He also said that he is unaware of any such development in the matter.

The handing over of the power plant was objected by the workers and the unions of DVC from the very first day of its discussion. In fact, the NTPC officers had to face ‘Go Back’ slogans when they came to inspect the power plant. Hence, the statement made by the DVC Chairman serves as a new ray of light for the workers. He has even said that the State Government is also helping the plant off late.

The Chairman of DVC held a meeting with the customers of DVC on Friday in the City. He said that although DVC can generate 6357.2 MW power, it does not even have customers to buy 1500 MW of the power generated. On the other hand, mentioning that DVC suffers a debt of Rs 30 thousand crore, the Chairman said that some of the issues of debt has been countered so far. A compensation debt of 4300 crore in connection to the Power Bill is ready to get a solution from Jharkhand, he added. Moreover, Jharkhand is acting in lines of repaying the Bill or the last few months. In West Bengal due to the increase in power tariff, the income has been raised by Rs 30 crore per month, said he. Inspite of the incessant rainfall, the water level of DVC is in the safe zone, concluded the DVC officers.