Priyanka Chopra Sent Message For King Khan And Katrina Kaif


Priyanka Chopra, a longtime UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for India, might be a superstar and global glamour icon, but there is an undeniably charitable and kind side to her. In-between shoots and events, she always dedicates time to her work with UNICEF.

The latest example involves her trip to Jordan, where Syrian refugees have escaped and sought asylum from their own war-torn land. Small children, distressed by the ravages of war, also live in these camps at Za’atari and are regularly featured in international news that highlights their desolate condition.

I had the privilege and honor of meeting Her Majesty, @queenrania of Jordan again…this time in Amman. It is amazing to see the full extent of support that the Kingdom of Jordan has provided during the ongoing Syrian refugee crises. The numbers are staggering and overwhelming but the good work continues day after day. Queen Rania is a true inspiration. Her tireless efforts to help those in need comes straight from the heart and has always been consistent.. as a UNICEF Eminent Advocate for Children, she leads by example as is so evident by the countless programmes for children that she is involved in. She does this all with such grace and calm. The meeting and our discussions, further reiterated my commitment to to help children the world over… because every child matters, no matter where they come from. I'm looking forward to meeting her again at the United Nations General Assembly in NYC next week which we both will be speaking at. Thank you Jordan for the hospitality and I will see you again.. ?? To support the work that @unicef is doing, please log on to #MissionForChildren #ChildrenUprooted #PCInJordan

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However, the news that comes our way, thanks to Priyanka, presents a happier version of things. This is because Priyanka had the chance to go and meet some Syrian refugees in Jordan. Not only that, Priyanka also met Queen Rania of Jordan, an iconic royal who is internationally respected for her humanitarian work, elegance and grace.

The best part of her Jordan visit, though, was that she got to meet some young people who have immense love for Bollywood films! One child in particular, named Wafaa, loves Katrina Kaif so much that she sent a message for Katrina through Priyanka. Priyanka shared a video of the child, with the caption: “This is a special shout out to one of India’s biggest movie stars. Katrina Kaif, this video is just for you, all the way from Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan.

This is Wafaa, one of your biggest fans and her message roughly translated is ‘I love Katrina Kaif a lot and I am one of her fans. I have watched all her movies and never missed one, even if a movie is played more than once I watch it. I love you Katrina and love your beauty’.”

Priyanka took the opportunity to share this on her social media with fellow Bollywood stars, to acquaint them with the fact that they have been lighting up the lives of these refugee children with their entertaining performances.

Through this, she seems she conveyed to everyone, including Kareena Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Anushka Sharma, and Salman Khan, to remember how important their work is in its own way, and how it does indeed touch lives. In a world where art and entertainment are often dismissed as frivolous, knowing this helps us remember that watching a story come alive onscreen, is often the only refuge, the only escape many people have from real life.