Prince Harry Pretends To Be a Tiger in Nepal Safari

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Kathmandu: Prince Harry pretended to be a tiger when he went on safari in Nepal hoping to see some big cats.

The royal, who has a passion for animal conservation, visited Bardia National Park to learn about its wildlife programmes which have seen the tiger population flourish.


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When Harry reached the site of two camera traps placed next to tiger droppings to capture their nocturnal movements, he was disappointed to find them empty.

His guide, Shailendra Kumar Yadar, from Nepal’s National Trust for Nature Conservation, suggested the Prince walk like a tiger to get an idea of how the traps worked.

Harry then performed his impression which saw him hunch over and shuffle forward until the camera’s flash went off.


When he was shown his effort, he joked: “Not as good as a tiger. You’d be a bit worried if you saw one of those walking towards you.”

He was also shown a picture of a tiger walking past the spot where he was standing, which he described as “amazing”.

He said: “Show me that tiger again please, that was amazing, it’s beautiful. Fat, healthy, really healthy. They won’t struggle with food, as long as they’re fit and well.”


Tiger numbers are back on the rise at the park in the west of Nepal after a fall due to poaching. More than 50 roam the area, up from 18 in 2009.