Prince Harry Pays Tribute to Mom at London HIV Hospital

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London: Carrying his mother’s legacy, Prince Harry was visited London’s Mildmay Hospital which is an HIV specialist. In her lifetime Princess Diana visited this hospital publicly and privately 17 times and was instrumental in ending the stigma against AIDS patients.

Diana famously changed the perception of AIDS in 1989 when she shook hands and kissed the cheek of an AIDS patient. Like his beloved mother, Prince Harry, 31, held hands with some of the sickest AIDS patients and spoke to the staff about his mother’s impact on the hospital and breaking down barriers around the illness.

Prince Harry also poignantly signed a guest book in the shadow of his late mother in the hospital’s “Princess of Wales Board Room.” Hanging above where Harry sat, were two framed photographs of his mother. As Harry left the hospital, he was given a photo of Princess Diana kissing an HIV-positive patient named Martin who died just a week after Diana’s visit. That photograph is said by many to have forever changed the way the world sees AIDS patients.