Primary Section Student Of Salt Lake Died In Dengue


Kolkata: Narayan Shreshtha, a class four student of Salt Lake Point School has died in dengue on Thursday night. He was staying in number 39 ward of Dattabad.

According to the family, he was suffering from fever for last ten days. He went to attend jis examination after taking medicines but his family did not consult the doctor. After finishing the examination he has been admitted to a hospital on Eastern Metropoliton Bypass where he died in midnight.

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The hospital authority said that, the plate-late count had reduced till four thousands and organs stopped working. He died in multi-organ failures, doctor could not save his life.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation has launched a mobile application as a measure to prevent dengue which will assist people to find nearest municipal health centres. Bidhannagar Municipality also planned something for the common people but it is a matter of time.