Pride Of Power Can Make Anyone Bharati Ghosh: TMC MP


Kolkata: Pride of power or misuse of power, both can lead to the condition of desperate police officer Bharati Ghosh. Trinamool-Congress’s Member of Parliament Anupam Hazra dedicated this advice to common people’ in his Facebook post.

Bharati Ghosh is now a famous name. She is already known as brave police officer. The former IPS officer was the superintendent of police in Jhargram.

Bharati Ghosh was tackling Jangalmahal for a long time. She was very close to the Chief Minister. The former IPS had addressed Chief Minister as ‘Maa’ at a government program. But soon after that she has misused the power for having a good relation with Chief Minister, many times she has been alleged on such issues. The story has been shaped like ‘pride of power is equal to Bharati Ghosh.’

But the equation changed with her resignation. Government of Bengal has transferred her to a less important position after the SP position. It is quite clear that intimacy with Mukul Roy and growth of BJP in Bengal are the reasons behind such decision.

The raids on properties owned by Ghosh, her husband and relatives across West Midnapore and Kolkata began on February 1. The homes of a couple of police officers reportedly close to the former IPS officer were also searched.
Bharati Ghosh has revert back with a conspiracy allegation against the bengal government.

Bharati used to be the face of West Bengal Government in Jangalmahal. Now she is victimised by the same state administration. It shouldn’t be happened to anyone, said TMC MP Anupam Hazra.

The free advise of the MP includes, before misuse the power, one should remermber the consequences otherwise Bharati Ghosh will be the answer.

He wrote on his Facebook wall: “Lesson : One should think before misusing power when you are in power. Otherwise u’ll become Bharati Ghosh.” It is considered as an anonymous message by the MP.