Prez message to Govt and opposition


New Delhi:President Pranab Mukherjee today sent a firm message to the government when he pointed out that it has limited powers to issue ordinances or emergency executive orders.

“The Constitution confers limited power upon Executive for Ordinances to meet exigencies,” the President said while interacting with students of Central Universities, IITs, NITs and other institutions through video conference.

Pranab Mukherjee also seemed to rap the Opposition on the knuckles for not allowing Parliament to function, when he said, “Under no circumstances should there be disruption of proceedings. A noisy minority cannot be allowed to gag a patient majority.”

In its seven months in office, the government has used the ordinance route 10 times to push key policy changes, due to its lack of majority in the Upper House of Parliament, or Rajya Sabha, where the Opposition Congress has most numbers and has led other parties in holding up proceedings on a number of issues, not allowing legislation to be passed.

After uncomfortable questions were raised, it reportedly decided not to issue any more ordinances. The President had earlier asked three Union Ministers to explain the urgency on the Land Acquisitions Ordinance, which seeks to ease rules and kick start stalled projects worth billions.

Accusing the government of misusing its powers, the Opposition says an ordinance is an emergency provision given by the Constitution that must be used sparingly.

Two ordinances that were cleared by the Union Cabinet will not be pursued, sources had said last week.
These will be taken up as bills in Parliament instead.