Pressure Mounting On TMC Over Narada Sting


Kolkata: Pressure is gradually increasing on the Trinamul Congress party. On March 16, the Narada Sting matter was referred to the Ethics Committee by Lok Sabha speaker  Sumitra Mahajan considering the gravity of the matter. Lok Sabha committee member Arjun Mehwal said on Friday that notices had been sent to the five TMC leaders in connection with their purported acceptance of money from a fictitious company. The pressure is mounting with Mehwal’s visit to Kolkata today.

Arjun Mehwal said clearly that the investigation would be conducted as per the norms. No one will be spared if found guilty. If found guilty, then the concerned person would be suspended or their membership terminated.

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He has already mentioned in a press conference that some evidences has been verified due to which the notices were issued. This comes as a huge pressure to the TMC amidst the on-going Assembly elections. Other political parties are even assured that this would certainly put TMC under pressure. Whereas the Trinamul Congress Party has already ruled this out by saying that this is nothing but a case of political vendetta. In reply to this statement, Arjun Mehwal said that it is nothing of a political vendetta. Investigation has started after the verification of the authenticity of the videos.

Footages of the sting operation by Narada News, a news portal, which are yet to be verified for its authenticity, shows several TMC leaders, including MPs and senior ministers in the State Cabinet, taking money on behalf of a fictitious company. The notices were sent to the 5 MPs, Sultan Ahmed, Saugata Ray, Suvendu Adhikari, Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar and Prasun Banerjee.