Press Club Started Functioning In Birbhum


Suri: Birbhum Press Club has started functioning successfully. Recently Mamata Banerjee went for a tour in Birbhum and inaugurated Birbhum District Press Club. In January, CM has issued the permission to construct the building.

There was no journalist association in Birbhum. A committee has been formed in presence of Indranil Roy after the intruction of Mamata Banerjee. The committee is holding 21 journalist from district.

The office took two rooms in the Zilla Parishad building. Bikash Roy Chowdhury has arranged the two room office. Soon after that the press club has been formed with 76 journalists including three sub-divisional zone.

Gopal Chatterjee has been selected as the president of Press Club. He said, there was a plan to form a press club in BIrbhum.

Administration said, there is a plan for a sitting room in Bolpur and Rampurhat for journalists too which will come soon.