Presidency University: Students’ Protest In Demand Of ‘Hindu Hostel’


Kolkata: The historical Presidency University students has again hit a movement in demand to get back to ‘Eden Hostel’. They have ‘ghearoed’ the din and held a sit-in demonstration inside the building.

Around 3 pm on Friday the agitated students have ‘gheraoed’ the Din-of-Arts, Din-of-Science, Din-Of-Students, and development officers to convey their demand. Their simple wish to go back to their own Eden hostel.

Vice-Chancellor Anuradha Lohia has promised to return back their hostel within July 15 of this year after it had been evacuated in 2015. But three years have gone and no answer has come yet. Now the authority is saying the renovation has not been completed which will take more time.

Instead of the clarification Professor Lohia on Thursday issued a notice asking for a observing committee. She proposed to pur six students in this committee. Now the students are not interested to go for any explanation regarding the issue.

State Committee member of Student Federation of India Shubhajit Sarkar said, “Sixty students of eden hostel are residing at Newtown hostel. The present condition of Hindu Hostel is capable of to accomodate hundred students so those who are staying at Newtown hostel must be immediately shifted to the Hindu Hostel. Beside that the entire renovation work must be finished soon.”

Anuradha Lohia in her notice stated that, “the renovation work started on 2016. The practical budget for the project has crossed the line of assumed budget. So now the construction charge has been shifted to PWD from the assigned company.”

The students jointly voiced their opinion against higher authority the university has tried to get contacted but no response has come from them. So the students are determined to continue their protest till they go back to their old nest Hindu Hostel.