Presence Of Mysterious Radio Signal & Code Language Surrounding Kolkata


Kolkata: The speculation rises from the Nagerbazar explosion. Within few days of the incident, Home Ministry in a report stated that, Pakistani militants are trying infiltrate in West Bengal via Bangladesh. Amid such situation, Radio Signal striking panic among the people. Some people are using code language as a medium of maintaining communication. The presence of such signal have been found few week ago.

Ham Radio Operator of Kolkata has noticed the matter just before Diwali. The first signal came from Sodepur area. But that is not the end. The same signalling has been traced drom Chinsurah area of Hooghly district. The 25-30 kilometer radius area from Kolkata have marked till now.

The police and Investigation Agency have been informed on this note. Bengal Ameture Radio Club Secretary Ambarish Nag Biswas has informed the media that, “It is coming in the signal for past few weeks that who are talking and mostly in the midnight. When they are getting contacted, no response are there. Identity of the people have not been assured by them.” The language has not been determined till now. But similarity found with ‘Pasto’ language which belongs to Afghanistan.

Union Information & Broadcasting Ministry has been informed regarding the issue. Operators are ordered to take care of the matter. There is a mystery sparking over militant activities which are being tapped. If somebody access mobile or email to have a conversation, it will be tapped in the radder. The same presence found in 2016 through signal that people are talking in Bengali and Urdu in the Basirhat and Sunderban region.