Pregnant Dies After Falling From Hospital Wheelchair

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Siliguri: A pregnant dies after falling from wheel chair in North Bengal Medical College and hospital on Saturday, said sources. The incident caused panic in the hospital. Police said, the name of the victim is Madhavi Sharma( 30). She was a resident of Fashidawa block’s Jalasnijam tara. To control situation, North Bengal Hospital super Nirmal Bera has created a investigating committee.

According to Police and hospital sources, Madhavi was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday night. on Friday night around 3:30 p.m. Madhavi was taken from her Operation theater to her ward. After sometime she started feeling sick. On Saturday morning, while transferring her from one ward to another ward in a wheel chair, she fell. She had massive breathing problems after falling from the wheel chair. She died after that around 9 a.m.

Severe unrest in the hospital premises after the death of the pregnant women. The husband of the dead women, Chandan Sharma has accused the hospital for pushing her from the wheel chair while shifting from one ward to another ward. The hospital authorities have rejected the accusations. Hospital Super Nirmal Bera has said that a team of five members has been created to investigate the matter. Based on the committee’s report, if anyone from the hospital is proved guilty then legal action will be taken.