Pregnant Kerala Woman, Brother In NSG, Suspected to Have Joined ISIS


New Delhi: A young pregnant woman missing in Kerala and believed to be among the 17 people suspected to have joined the terror group ISIS was studying to be a dentist and is the sister of a National Security Guard (NSG) commando.

Her mother Bindu Kumar was among the parents who met Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on the weekend to ask for help to find their missing children.

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“My children were religious and patriotic. My son wanted to be a military officer and daughter chose the medical profession,” Ms Kumar told the Hindustan Times.

She says her 24-year-old daughter, a brilliant student, went through a shocking transformation after she married an MBA from Palakkad in November.

Her clothes and personality changed. She started to wear a burqa.

Last year, she went AWOL and refused to take calls until her mother learnt about her wedding.

“I messaged her to come back, I said I will accept her the way she is. She messaged ‘I am happy here, Islam is a good religion. She said she wants to visit with the hijab, are you ok with it.  I said yes, she came and spent time with me,” Ms Kumar said.

She went back to her husband after a few days.

“Then I heard she had gone to Sri Lanka. By June 5, all communication stopped,” said Ms Kumar.

Before she went incommunicado, she sent a message on WhatsApp.

“She did not reveal where she was calling from even though I asked her repeatedly,” Ms Kumar said, adding, “She told me she was using someone else’s Wi-fi to message me.”

Her world shattered when she found out from TV channels that 17 people are missing and were suspected to have joined the ISIS.

Ms Kumar says she doesn’t know much about her new son-in-law except that he is 32 and an MBA. Interestingly, his family has also asked the police and the government for help to look for him, suspecting he has left the country to join the ISIS.