Precaution Being Taken For Peaceful Kali Puja


Kolkata: The State Government and the Kolkata Police have offered their best wishes to the people of the state for a peaceful, incident-free Kali Puja.

The police have appealed to the organisers to maintain decorum during Kali Puja. From this year, along with the police, officials from the State Pollution Control Board will be on the streets to monitor the use of high-decibel firecrackers and pollution due to firecrackers. The police will also be roaming the streets to keep in check any untoward incident.

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The police also appealed to the people to abide few rules and regulations. They asked not to play DJ music at the pandals and not to play mikes loudly infront of any educational institutes or hospitals. They asked the authorities to install CCTV cameras in the pandals. They also put some restrictions on the use of firecrackers.