Pre-monsoon Rains To Continue


Kolkata: Light to moderate rains with one or two heavy spells are expected over West Bengal and northern parts of Odisha on Saturday evening.

The city of Kolkata has been witnessing Pre-Monsoon activities for quite some time now. In fact, these rainfall activities have been on the higher side for Kolkata this month as a whole.

These rains have been attributed to the presence of a cyclonic circulation over the state of West Bengal and adjoining Bihar. The anti-cyclone is also pumping moisture towards the region which led to enhancement of rainfall activities.

There have been three occasions when Kolkata saw more than 30 mm in a 24-hour span. The last 24 hours were one of them when the Alipore observatory recorded 30 mm of rains. During a similar time-frame, the Dum Dum observatory witnessed 27 mm of rainfall.

So far, the city of Kolkata has been able to record a whopping 109.2 mm of rains during the month of April against its monthly average of 58.9 mm. This rainfall amount happens to be the third highest monthly mean for April in the last ten years, only slightly behind the second highest which stands at 112 mm, recorded in the year 2015.

The highest monthly stands at 133.5 mm which was recorded in the year 2012. As per weathermen, with three more days left in April, Kolkata is expected to witness more rainfall activity and even stands a chance of surpassing the highest rainfall record.