Pre-Dawn Tremor Puzzles Kolkatans


Kolkata: Tremors were felt in Kolkata on Monday morning. Tremors were also felt in others parts of West Bengal like Murshidabad, Cooch Behar, reports said. Panicked people rushed out of their homes on street. Major earthquake rattled Kolkata on Monday; seismologists warned that Kolkata may witness a massive quake in future. They said a fractured zone lies just 4.5 km beneath the city and every time the ground shakes, the capital of West Bengal moves towards Dooms Day.

Although the fracture, known as Eocene Hinge Zone, has been inactive for years, it is capable of triggering a massive earthquake when it turns hyperactive, experts said. It may result in an earthquake measuring not less than 6 on Richter scale.

The central Disaster Management said that Kolkata named in First 10.The research on Earthquake carried out by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BSI). They divided the India into five zones. The most dangerous zone is Gujrat, Kashmir Zone. Northern and southern districts are in the 4th zone but Kolkata is on 3rd zone. Special geological formation protects Kolkata from massive tremor. The thick soil layer lies under the Kolkata earth. The sand layer is under this sediment layer.

On the other hand, the big buildings and flats create huge tensions about tremors in Kolkata. Kolkata is next to Mumbai and Delhi for creating buildings and flats. British Buildings in Kolkata is safer than other newly constructions. The huge crack is seen only in new buildings because of low cost materials. The Salt Lake City is more affected than any other parts of Kolkata because this place is filled with sands. This place is also called Reclaimed zone.