Pravakaran’s Letter To Karunanidhi From The Den Of Militants


Special Report: ‘I don’t think that Prabhakaran is a Militant’- Karunanidhi once said when LTT announced Jafna of North-Srilanka as the capital and triggered a movement in demand of a separate Tamil land. There’s no government rule in the particular part of the island country. DMK chief of that time Vaiko (Presently MDMK chief) met militant leader Velupillai Prabhakaran in the middle of a dense forest bound remote area. It used to catch the spotlight that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi was the key-subject of discussion in that forest-bound intense meeting.

One of the salient personality of Dravidian movement, DMK chief Karunanidhi died on August 7. It was the last thread of C.N Annadurai’s institution. The demise of Karunanidhi bodly highlighting those extremism bound Liberation Tiger of Tamil Ilam led days. Srilanka witnessed blood bath in 1980-1990’s civil war. Indian Prime Minister of that time Rajib Gandhi sent Army to bring back peace and tranquility over there. Few days after he lost life in bomb explosion.

After all the devastating incident DMK chief Karunanidhi opens his mouth on LTT and their activities. He made it clear that LTT is solely devoted to protect the tamils’ interest. How the equation of the relation ? Vaiko raised the debate highlighting the particular context. He claimed in 2016 that happened 28 years ago when he was in DMK. He went to LLT led area and met Velupillai Pravakaran over there. Amidst the discussion, Pravakaran wrote the letter to Karunanidhi.

After return back to Tamil Nadu, he handed the confidential letter to Karunanidhi. He read the letter and scraped it as he didn’t want to keep the prove. But he made a replicate of that copy which he’s carrying now. In the letter Pravakaran is directly calling Karunanidhi ‘Anna’.

The interview of Vaiko sparked turmoil after it published in a daily ‘The Hindu’. After the death of Rajib Gandhi he called the LTT chief as the ‘friend’. Vaiko claimed, Pravakaran wrote Karunanidhi that Our goal is protecting our own people in the war against the aggressive Indian Army.

Vaiko claimed which Paravakaran mentioned in the letter that “It’s a happiness that you are leading Tamil Nadu. It is possible for you to help us. Please try to uphold the blood-shedded situation and the aggression of Indian Army over here.”  (Courtesy:

Rest of the letter:

My highly respected and lovable elder brother,

Mr. Vai Gopalsamy met with me here and is returning to meet with you, so I am sending this letter through him. I thought you had been informed and gave permission for this meeting, but after meeting with him I learned he has come here without your knowledge. It was his love for Tamil that motivated him to make this journey.

I also understand this meeting will create some difficulties for you. However, the absurd position of the parliament leadership, which we trusted until now, has forsaken our people.

Mr. Vai Gopalsamy was elected as a member of Parliament from Tamil Nadu, and Parliament’s position of forsaking the people of Tamil Nadu has prompted him to take this risk of holding this meeting without regard for his own well-being.

I understand his passion about the Tamil language and I may die a thousand times for the love of my Tamil language and for the Tamil Eelam country.

As always, I respect your leadership for having these kinds of true party members. When he came here by sea, the Indian Army fired on him at Kandi. It was his passion for Tamil that led him to make this dangerous voyage and speak freely with me and my other commanders.

We are very pleased with your government in Tamil Nadu. Hereafter, Tamil feelings will be positive everywhere.

It is our aim to fight the killing of our people by the aggressive Indian Army, which is making our country a cemetery. We will win or we will happily die to accomplish this. It is time to bring this issue to the attention of Tamil Nadu and the Indian opposition parties.

You and your political organization are able to help us. You can bring to the attention of Tamil Nadu, information about the Indian occupiers and their betrayal of our people. Here we are preparing for the next big attack. I send back Brother Gopalsamy to Tamil Nadu with sadness to handle this dangerous situation and escape from this blockade. He will share with you the true situation here.