‘Prandhara’ To Increase Bengal Treasury Income


Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee used to chant ‘no money’ status
of the government almost everywhere. Few days ago she instructed to avoid
unneccessary expendeture in order to reduce expenses as the treasury condition is
not well. She specified the use of AC in government office.

The goverment has taken new initiative to change the condition. ‘Prandhara’, an
initiative of the Public Health Enginnering Department will be commercialised which
will be issuing tender for further development. Reportedly, a call for tender will
be issued soon.

Public Health Enginnering dept has introduced packaged water in the market two
years ago. State govt used to supply ‘Prandhara’ labelled water free of cost till
date. Now the dept is trying to sell it in open market. But the commercial
complexity in private sector couldn’t make it happen. Now a fresh initiative has
been taken to improvise the condition.

State govt has already issued a notice to some private organisation inviting
tender. ‘Prandhara’ will cost 20 rupees for 1 litre and 100 rupees for 500 ml. The
minimum quantity is 500 ml.

According to the Public Health & Engineering Dept, “Prandhara water service will
increase money which will benefit goverment.”