BJP And CPM Files Complaint Against TMC On Doctored Image


Kolkata: CPI(M) leader Prakash Karat filed a complaint against TMC leader, spokesperson and MP Derek O’ Brien on Sunday for allegedly using his photo with Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh at Mandirmarg Police Station in Delhi. BJP filed an FIR against CM Mamata Banerjee, MP Derek O’Brien and MP Subrata Bakshi for trying to tarnish their image using “doctored” photo.

CPI(M) leader Prakash Karat lodged a complaint against Derek on Sunday and has urged the police to take legal action against him as he said that it was an attempt to malign and tarnish the image of the Left Front Government.

Derek O’ Brien published 2 videos and 6 photos in a press conference held on Saturday. The pictures and videos were used to attack the Left, Congress as well as the BJP. There was a picture where Rajnath Singh was offering sweets to CPI(M) leader Prakash Karat. Derek issued a statement that “I would not like to comment much on this, but would want everyone to see these pictures and the alliance between CPM, BJP and the Congress, which has been hidden from the people. Andar dosti, bahar kushti.”

The CPM and BJP had both threatened on Saturday to file a complaint against TMC and claimed the photos as false. But TMC, later on, accepted that the picture where Rajnath Singh was offering sweets to Prakash Karat was wrong and photoshopped. They released a statement where he said that, “Two videos & 6 pictures were shown at our press conference. We removed one picture immediately when our research team learnt it was photoshopped.”

Derek O’ Brien said to ANI that,”We put up six pictures on the website and two important videos. Now out of those six pictures, one as it turned out to be had been morphed by someone else. As soon as the research team got to know about this, we took it off the website immediately. The matter ends there and I thought we did the most dignified thing by taking it off”. He added that TMC did not morph the picture and had taken it from the internet. He said ‘We have taken the picture off, it is done and doing anything further will be making a mountain out of a molehill”.

Talking about the threat of legal action from the BJP, O’ Brien said that, ‘Yes, anyone can take a legal way in the matter. But this is nothing to get so uptight about.’ He even added that the research team could have been more careful in their research and being a ‘quiz master’, he was feeling a little angry with himself. However, this did not seem to pacify the BJP, who have threatened to proceed with legal action over the blunder.

BJP have filed an FIR at Lalbazar on Sunday against CM Mamata Banerjee, MP Derek O’ Brien and MP Subrata Bakshi. They have said that this was just to tarnish their image just before the phase 4 assembly polls. They have accused Mamata Banerjee for allegedly having directed MP Derek O’Brien.