Prafulla Kumar Mahanta today staged “Hindu Bengalis”


Guwahati: Led by former Chief Minister Prafulla Kumar Mahanta, the Asom Andolan Sangram Manch today staged a demonstration opposing the Central Government’s notification concerning the move to grant staying right to “Hindu Bengalis”.

Mahanta told newsmen at the venue of the dharna at Jantar Mantar that the notification is a ploy of the BJP-led Central Government to polarise the people of the State. The notification issued in violation of the Assam Accord is not acceptable and the State cannot take anymore burden of foreigners. The Centre should relocate such people, if it is so keen on granting them citizenship.

Accompanied by several leaders who played key roles in the Assam Agitation, the Manch met the President and the Vice President yesterday.

Meanwhile, a couple of kilometres away from Jantar Mantar, the All Assam Bengali Hindu Yuva Chatra Federation organised a seminar demanding citizenship and release of all ‘D’ voters from the detention camps.

The speakers at the seminar, while lauding the BJP for issuing the notification, called for grant of citizenship, claiming that other States, like West Bengal and Rajasthan, have already given citizenship to such people.