Poultry Meat rises Considerably in the City


Kolkata: Prices of Poultry meat has relatively gone up in the city. The meat which was priced at 180-185 last week, has relatively gone up to 210 rupees per Kg. In many parts of the city and its suburbs, the meat is being sold at a price of 190 and 200 rupees per Kg.

As a result many customers have turned their faces away from the meat. They are inclining towards egg. Even there the customers have faced the heat with eggs being priced at per piece.

Even the prices of the vegetables have gone up considerably in the city. Potato, brinjal and Papaya prices have also gone up.

The owners of the poultry firms have blamed the scorching heat behind the rise in the prices. They have claimed that the poultry production cost have risen by nearly 40 percent. So they are forced to increase the prices.