Potters Cashed In On Bagri Loss


Kolkata: The Bagri blaze has turned the busy market into a ruin. The hustle-bustle of this area of Canning street has turned gloomy. The bright colourful shops has become rubble now. More than five hundred traders in this congested Bagri Market in the Burrabazar area, which was gutted by fire early morning on Sunday, are staring at a huge loss. Roughly more than three-thousand people, employed by the traders fear loss of livelihood. As Bengal heads towards celebrating its biggest annual festivity, Durga Puja. But amid this adversity of the workers and the traders the potters who earned their daily wages from the market are still in good form as they cashed in on the losses.

The market was gutted by fire on Sunday early hours. On Sunday morning none of the traders could enter the building except the fire officials.On Monday, after the intensity of the fire decreased slightly, thousands of traders went inside the market to take the stock of the situation. Most of the traders have gone through huge loss, their goods and property have been burnt into ashes.

Some of the traders were trying to save the last remains of their goods. After three days of prolonged attempts the fire officials and the DMG along with Kolkata police were successful in bringing the fire under control. Now the traders are removing the last remains of the good which were left unburnt, hence they had to hire the potters. Some have large furniture, equipment like computers, tables chairs and etc. So to remove those objects they need potters.The potters were found standing in-front of the market, they were loading the things on their head and reloading them on a van of different traders, after one completing a round they came and stood at the same place again.This scene was observed since Wednesday morning after the fire was completely douse.This scene could be seen at every block of the Bagri market.

For carrying the goods each time they demanded Rs. 100. Lallon Yadav said, “On the other day, we can hardly earn Rs. 500 per day. Now more customers are coming. Everyone wants to take things away safely. All together now we are earning Rs.700 to 800.”

Reported By: Souptik Banerjee

Edited By: Mousumi Das