Potato Farmer Commits Suicide In Bardhaman


Bardhaman: Failing to recover money after harvest, potato farmer have committed suicide in West Bengal’s Burdwan district. The deceased was identified as Golam Ambia Mallick (40). He was the resident of Sarkardanga area of Jamalpur police station.

The deceased’s wife Kalima Begum Mallick said that Golam Ambia had planted potatoes in 15 bighas of land. In order to cultivate, He took loan of Rs 3 lakh. Near about 1200 sacks of potatoes were cultivated. From the field he sold 200 packets of potatoes. The remaining potatoes kept in the cold storage . Later, he sold 200 bags of potatoes from there. The rest of the potato could not get out from cold storage.

At 10am on Friday, Golam Ambia left the house. Since then, he could not be found. At around 10:00 pm, people of the house could see Ghulam Ambia in the abandoned house. Jamalpur Police was recovered hanging body from there.

Golam Anbiya has two sons. One year will give secondary examination. The other person is 6 years old. It is to be noted that old potatos is being sold at Rs 5-6 per kg in retail market. The new potato market is being sold at Rs 10-11 per kg in retail market.

Lalu Hembram, the head of the village Panchraet, said that Ghulam Ambia committed suicide because of not getting potato prices. On the other hand, BDO of Jamalpur Subrata Mallick said that this incident is very sad.