Pot Artist Of East Midnapore Kalpana Chitrokar Received Presidential Award


Tamluk: Pot Artist Kalpna Chitrokar of East Midnapore got presidential award for her extra-ordinary pot work. Union Textile minister Smriti Irani handed over the award to kalpana on Friday in Chattishgarh’s Indore stadium. Chattishgarh CM Raman Singh and many more VIP’s were also present in this ceremony.

পট এঁকে রাষ্ট্রপতি পুরস্কার চণ্ডীপুরের কল্পনা চিত্রকরের

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The main theme of her pot work was Santal birth history. She portrayed the life of indigenous people in her daily life. In 2016, 20 potters from West Bengal have sent their pot works to central Textiles for the Presidential award. And among them Kalpana Devi was nominated for the prestigious award. Every people of Habichalk, Nankarchalk and Muradpud are happy after hearing this news.

Pot is a type of folk culture where artists draw something upon clothes. It is also ancient culture of West Bengal. The presence of many characters in pot work are seen in the work of Midnapore artists. But Kalpana’s art was different from them. Because of her colors, craftsmanship and every character, the identity of each of them is distinct. For that reason kalpana Chitrokar got presidential award.

Kalpana Devi is giving the credit to the state government for its overall achievement. She said, “The state government is campaigning abroad for this culture. If state goverment stand besides us then,we would not have been able to spread ourselves in such a way. ”

Besides, She also added that, “Pot artist Nurdin is her husband. In her childhood she learned the art of making dolls and dolls, but after she learned everything from her husband. She also gave credit to her husband for his paintings and songs. On the other hand, Nurdin Chitrokar is happy with his wife’s success.