Post Poll Violence Rocks Parui, 5 Injured

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Suri:  Post poll violence continues in West Bengal despite several attempts by the central forces and election commission to conduct free, fare and peaceful polls in the state.

 Five persons were injured in clashes between TMC goons and Cong-CPM alliance on Sunday night in Parui’s Gurapara area.

TMC goons hurled bombs and fired to the Cong-CPM workers. On the same night, Trinamool block president allegedly complained that Cong-CPM alliance goons set fire to his house.

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The opposition parties have approached EC against the alleged reign of terror unleashed by TMC to intimidate their supporters.

Meanwhile the Officer in charge of Parui police station has been ordered to stay inactive by the Birbhum police super.

In a separate incident a BJP worker has reportedly been thrashed by Trinamool supporters fueling tension in the area.