Post Poll Violence Erupts In Salt Lake, BJP Supporters Houses Vandalised


Kolkata: Post poll violence again rocks Bengal. Now on Monday night, Post poll violence erupts at Bidhannagar in Salt lake area where BJP supporters house allegedly vandalised by TMC Supporters.

Local sources said that several houses were attacked in the area. Many of them also campaigned for the BJP in this lok sabha elections. They claimed that due to being a BJP supporter, has to be the victim of such attack. Such attacks would have been threatened before the vote. They started implementing it.

The attack started since 12.01am. Many home is vandalized. Many are left their homes and fled to elsewhere. Many people are afraid of when they will return to their home. Many of the affected thought that the attackers would stop attack in a short time. But alas. That’s why they left the area and fled to other places.

The place where this incident happened, under Ward No. 36 of Bidhannagar municipality. Councilor Prabir Sardar admitted the news of attack. In his words, “I heard the attack. But I can not tell whom did that. I have heard that the police reached the spot. ” All of the affected families are claiming to be supporters of the BJP. Prabir Sardar said that ‘there is nothing known about this,’ he claimed.

Election Commission of India (EC) said on Monday that 200 companies of central forces will stay back in West Bengal to deal with any possibility of post-poll violence in the state.

EC Special Police Observer Vivek Dubey made the announcement and said that the 200 companies of central forces to be retained in the state will also ensure that counting of votes across West Bengal is done in a fair, orderly and peaceful manner. The personnel would be distributed across the state and the remaining 510 companies will move out.