Port labs to check illegal beef export


New Delhi: government announced labs will be established at ports to check illegal export of cow meat, on Tuesday in the midst of a raging controversy over the Dadri killing of a man over rumors of eating beef.

Minister of State for Agriculture Sanjeev Kumar Balyan made the announcement after a review meeting on illegal export of cow meat with senior officials of agri-export promotion body, APEDA, and the Food Processing Ministry and the Agriculture Ministry.

“APEDA officials said there is no illegal export of cow meat as production and exports are strictly monitored through software ‘Meat Net’. However, it has been decided to set up labs at ports to check illegal export of cow meat,” Balyan told reporters.

The buffalo exports are being undertaken by 49 APEDA registered slaughter houses, of which 20 are in Uttar Pradesh, he added. There are 1,696 slaughter houses in the country, of which a maximum of 316 houses are in Maharashtra, followed by 285 in Uttar Pradesh and 185 in Telangana.


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