Pornstar Sabine becomes Miami Cop


Miami:A Miami cop is under investigation for having acted in a porn film with a convicted sex offender, authorities report.Miami officer Sabine Raymonvil, 30, admits that she was once worked in the porn industry but says that she left the field behind when she became a police officer. Investigators, though, are looking into her porn career to see if it continued for any amount of time after she became a police officer. The allegations stem from a 2012 conviction of film producer Emerson Callum and his cameraman who were convicted of drugging and raping several women who had come to audition for a role in the films.

Lavont Flanders, Callum’s cameraman, was also a Miami cop when he was convicted on the rape charges. Both Flanders and Callum are serving life sentences for their crimes. As to officer Raymonvil, beyond saying she never did any porn after becoming an officer eight years ago, she is remaining silent during the ongoing investigation.There are no direct rules against Miami police officers acting in porn films, but sources say that it could be considered conduct unbecoming of an officer. Raymonvil also has two entries on the movie database showing that, along with her porn films, she also had roles in two legitimate short films