Pornhub 2017 Review: Sunny Leone Top Searches From India


New Delhi: Indians love watching porn, its fact. The world’s biggest porn website released its annual year in review on Wednesday, and the numbers give India a not-too-flattering pride of place in the world of porn: We ranked at No. 3 in 2017, only behind the US and UK, among 20 countries that raked in the most traffic to the website.

In terms of most popular searches, ‘Arab’ ranked the highest in India – it was viewed 165% more times compared to 2016, and ‘hd Hindi’ and ‘indian hd’ sex touching a 1822% and 1273% spike respectively. What is not surprising is that Sunny Leone was among the top five most searched female porn stars – for the third year in a row – behind Riley Reid, Mia Khalifa, Lisa Ann and Kim Kardashian.

The worldwide numbers are even more staggering. The site hosted 28.5 billion visitors in 2017, an unthinkable average of 81 million people daily. Their users and content partners uploaded more than 4 million videos last year, out of which 8,10,000 were amateur videos- adding up to a total of 5,95,482 hours of video.

In other words, “68 years of porn if seen at one go”, according to the website. 2017 is also special to Pornhub because they completed 10 years, and they also have statistics for that entire decade.