Polls in Howrah on October 3


Kolkata: The 16 wards of Howrah Municipal Corporation of the Bally area which was newly added to the corporation will be undergoing election on October 3. There was a tussle between the State Government and the State election Commission over the issue for the last eight months. Both sides on Friday claimed that the issue has been solved by the Howrah Municipal law and there is no problem in the conduction of the elections.

As announced earlier, Asansol, Bidannagar and the 16 wards of Howrah will be undergoing polls on October 3. The notification will be issued on September 9. Presently the 16 wards of the Howrah Municipal Corporation don’t have any people’s representatives. The election will be considered as by-elections.

State election Commissioner Sushanta Ranjan Upadhay said that letter has been sent to Nabanna after accepting the explanation of the state government to issue the notification of the election.

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