Policeman Guilty Of Beating Wife To Death

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London: A police officer has been found guilty of beating his wife to death using a can of paint, a battery and a mallet. PC Adrian Goldsmith, 50, known as “Otis”, murdered 49-year-old Jill Goldsmith at their home in Northampton last March. She was found dead in the foetal position in a pool of blood in their porch.

A jury dismissed his claim that he acted in self-defence after he admitted in court that he stabbed himself. She suffered more than 70 injuries, including defensive wounds, Stafford Crown Court heard. Goldsmith, who served with Northamptonshire Police for 28 years, had told officers that his wife attacked him before hitting herself on the back of the head with a mallet.

He disapproved of her smoking cannabis and was frustrated by her sex drive as she went through the menopause, the court heard. The couple had lived next to Northamptonshire Police’s HQ in Wootton Hall Park since 2012, and they married two years later. They had considered divorcing but planned to move to the countryside for a fresh start, the jury was told.

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Computer logs show that at 12:40 GMT on 26 March, Mrs Goldsmith was looking at houses online. Half an hour later, her husband called 999 to say she had tried to kill him. He was arrested at their home, where his colleagues found him holding a kitchen knife and broken glass. Goldsmith had typed up notes saying he was “ready to explode” and had “scared Jill”, who had called him a “Jekyll and Hyde” character. John Lloyd-Jones QC, prosecuting, said he was a “commended, hard-working officer and murderer all wrapped up in one”.

Jill Goldsmith’s son Charlie, brother Kevin and mother Janet released a statement saying they had been left “devastated” by his actions. “Adrian Goldsmith has not only taken the life of Jill, but he’s also destroyed the life of her son, her mother and her brother.  “Jill was a caring, fun loving person who lived life to the full. She had many good friends and was loved by everyone.”

Deputy Chief Constable Andy Frost, from Northamptonshire Police, said that Goldsmith had “committed one of the worst crimes possible, taking the life of his wife”. “What he did profoundly affected many, both within and outside of Northamptonshire Police,” he added. He is due to be sentenced on Monday.

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