Policeman falls prey to violence of common mob


Krishnanagar: The manhandling and show casing disrespect towards the police fraternity of the state is prevalent among the state. To control the dispute which rose between the businessmen and the common public, a policeman had reached the spot. Unfortunately, the police fell victim to the agony of the people over there. He was reported to have been beaten up. Stones were also thrown targeting the officer.

The incident took place at Nadia’s Nakashipara area. According to sources, a local person was arrested by the police who thought of him to be a dacoit. In protest to it, the family members of the arrested person carried out a road block. But as it was the day of the immersion of the Saraswati idol, the common people reacted against the protest which resulted in a quarrel. Things went out of control and police had to intrude in. It is then the incident occurred and a policeman fell prey to the violence displayed by the conflicting people.