Police Will Probe On The Facebook Post Of The Teenage


Kolkata: The police said they were probing whether the Rudrapur High School student, who uploaded the objectionable post on Facebook that started a wave of agitation in North 24-Parganas, was instigated or not.

“He appeared to be an average student, also a quiet boy. He didn’t have any antecedent to speak of,” said one of the teachers at the boy’s school. “The boy has been arrested and we hope, he will be punished for his act. But the entire family shouldn’t suffer.”

Neighbours said the teenager lived with his uncle at Rudrapur. “His mother had an unnatural death and his father, a mason, works in Kolkata. He is being raised by his uncle here,” a resident said, adding the family had fled, while their home had been razed. “They appeared to be a well-respected family. The boy’s uncle works with the GRP and his cousin now teaches at a school. After their home was burnt down, everyone fled. We don’t know where they are,” he added.

The boy remained the topic of discussion at every corner in Rudrapur. At Agragani Club, barely a kilometre from the boy’s razed home, people kept speculating why would he do such a thing. “We have never witnessed anything like this. He may have been wrong but what happened thereafter cannot be justified either. A group of youngsters, whom we have seen growing up, abused and threatened us. They were being egged on by people we have never seen around. Some even carried arms. We could have been harmed but luckily, we stayed together and warded them off,” said an elderly resident.