Police Trying To Bust Fake Passport-Visa Racket Through Arrested Nigerian


Kolkata: The detained Nigerian in being interrogated by the Kolkata police after taking him in their custody. After his arrest on Sunday, it proves that the fake visa-passport business is still active in the city.

The police got to know before that frequently Nigerians come to the city to play football or act in Bengali pictures. Even if the visa’s time period ended, they made illegal visa and stayed in the city. Nigerians also get involved in several drug smuggling business and other illegal businesses in the city. The racket in the city is active to make false passports and visas.

By interrogating this Nigerian, the police are trying to find out the active racket in the city. The police assumes that most of the Nigerians in Kolkata are staying with fake visas. These visas are made in exchange of huge sums of money.

The Nigerian was arrested on Sunday from Rabindra Sarovar police station area’s Lake Terrace area. The police got to know that he came to India by making visa in 2013. He was involved in modelling in the city. He also got chance to work in a Bengali film to be produced by actor Parambrata Chatterjee. He got the work through an agency. But none of the artists in Tollywood knew about this.

Reporting: Soyeta Bhattacharya
Editing: Saheli Dey