Police Sounds Terror Alert in Munich, Stations Evacuated

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Update: Train services have been resumed as evacuated stations are running normally now, although security forces are keeping a strict vigil to thwart any possible attack.

Munich: Munich police are warning of a planned terrorist attack targeting train stations on New Year’s Eve, just less than an hour before 2016 rang in.

The Munich police sent out an advisory confirming there were “indications that a terrorist attack is planned in #Munchen” on their Twitter page. Police described the possible terror attack as an “imminent threat” as two train stations were cleared.

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Officers were warning German citizens to avoid large crowds and train stations on New Year’s Eve at about 11:15 p.m., local time. Authorities asked that locals stay away specifically from the Pasing and Central station stops while police investigate the potential terrorist attack.

All train service in the city was halted, and police have already evacuated multiple stations.