Police Sergeant Assaulted At Sealdah Station


Kolkata: A police sergeant was allegedly assaulted by a group of college students on Tuesday at the Sealdah Railway Station.

The incident occurred in the Sealdah bound, Naihati local. It has been reported that a group of students allegedly attacked, assaulted and threw the police sergeant off the train. Saddam Hossain, the assaulted sergeant of the Taltala police station said, “Some boys were beating a particular person brutally. Therefore, I protested. Just then, they attacked me. I thought of handing them over to the police present at the Sealdah station.

As per sources, the sergeant was thrown off the train and beaten badly once the train arrived at the Sealdah station at platform 1. He even accused the group of snatching away his wallet and aadhar card. The RPF have detained two students from the group. As per the police, the students belong to the Surendranath College.