Police Rolls Out An App To Avert House Theft


Amaravati: It is really an innovative initiative to avert house thefts in the state, through a smart phone application called ‘Locked House Monitoring System’. And the credit goes to the city police of Andhra Pradesh.

After identifying that most thefts in the state were happening in locked houses, the police department launched this app, which the citizens can use to inform the police about the time period when their house would be locked.

The police can then install a CCTV camera and integrate it to the command control centre that will monitor the property and be alerted in case any burglar attempts to break into the locked house.

Since the launch, almost 3.5 lakh citizens have registered themselves for the service while 11,000 people have availed it. The Andhra Pradesh Police is likely to present this initiative to President Ram Nath Kovind in Real Time Governance State Centre at the AP Secretariat on December 27, when the latter would be visiting Amaravati.